What I learned in my first 100 days at Magnetica Advertising

December 28, 2018 - Marcel Odena

I wanted to take the opportunity of my first publication, and taking into account the dates on which we are, to emphasize everything learned in 2018 with Magnetica Advertising, about the wide universe that is the digital marketing and that involves disciplines as fascinating as the PPC (pay per click) and B2B lead generation. The […]

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Introducing Anna Herrera: PPC Campaign Manager at Magnetica Advertising

October 12, 2018 - Marcel Odena

This week I have the pleasure to introduce you to the new addition to the Magnetica team, Anna Herrera. Anna has been doing the PPC campaign manager program since early September this year . The road is long and full of fields to learn, PPC platforms to master. It is a lot of knowledge that […]

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