Web Analytics

We analyze the data on your website to understand what is happening and make the best decisions to achieve your goals.

How many visits does your website have per month? Has it improved or worsened compared to the previous month? What cities are your visitors? Which pages are the most watched? How long are the pages being read? What percentage of people meet the goals you have set for yourself? What percentage of visitors are left at the doors of doing what they want? Why do not they get it? What can be done to improve the ratio of people who do what you want them to do? These are just some of the questions we can help you answer with web analytics.

Google Analytics

A great tool to answer all the questions above and many more. There are many other similar tools but Google Analytics is free and very powerful. We are certified in Google Analytics and we know how to use it appropriately to give answers.

We study your goals

It is tempting when one is asked about their objectives to respond with phrases such as “earn more money”, “get more clients” and things like that. This may be the final goal but to achieve this it is very likely that we have to define intermediate objectives such as increasing visits to the web (attracting traffic), or getting visitors to show interest in our website or get people to take a certain action on our website (conversion). We listen to the objectives that your company has and we translate them to the intermediate objectives required to achieve them.

We define a measurement plan

t is difficult to improve something that is not measured. For any of the objectives we have set, we have to measure what happens to be able to compare the trend month by month, to see if the efforts we carry out in marketing translate into results. We take care of defining the measurement plan, identifying variables and metrics necessary to measure everything that interests us.

You have to measure to be objective when you think what would be better to do. And you have to measure those aspects more appropriate to be able to have data, analyze them and turn them into knowledge. Know what is happening to be able to make improvement decisions.

We implement the measurement plan

Once we are clear about what needs to be measured, we move on to action and implement a series of technical measures to achieve it. We configure all the necessary elements in the web analytics tool, typically Google Analytics. We also take care of adding the necessary code on the web to collect the desired information and send it to the measurement tool.

We analyze the data

The fruit of the work done previously leads to get a lot of information, many data every month. We take care of analyzing them, of assessing the importance of each piece of information in context with the rest. This is the part that requires more expertise and experience of the whole process. We usually work with dashboards to facilitate the analysis and understanding of what is happening.

Action plan

During the analysis of the data several things may happen: we may observe that the objectives we have set ourselves are met, it may be that in some aspects the behavior of the users is not as we had anticipated, we may identify aspects that prevent the users to carry out the actions we want, etc. As a result of the analysis of the data, we made an action plan identifying those actions to be carried out to improve the results.

To give you the best service we have been concerned to be highly trained and get the main recognitions of the sector

We are Google partners. Why? Because we are certified in Google Adwords and because we manage a considerable volume of advertising investment.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get information from your website and make good decisions. We are certified in Google Analytics.

Online advertising leads to an increase in visits to your website. We must analyze what is happening to take the appropriate measures and achieve the objectives of the advertising campaign. This is what we do in our projects.

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