Google Paid Search

Appear at the right time, to the right person

Google is the most widely used search engine by far. People go to him and type what they are looking for. It is a great opportunity to attract potential customers. We can rank you highly on Google and show an ad about your services/products when someone types something related to what your company offers. We work oriented to results to monetize the advertising investment you decide to allocate.

We hear you

We are sure that you know the benefits of using your products/services. We are sure that you can argue the main competitive advantages over other alternatives. We are sure that you could get dozens of testimonials from satisfied customers. We ask the right questions and we listen to you to understand your business and be able to manage advertising campaigns successfully.

Keyword research

Once we have grasped the essence of what your company offers, we perform an investigation to find out what people are looking for in Google related to what you offer. This is what is known in the online advertising sector as a keyword research. Based on this information we organize campaigns to show several ads, each with the right message, to the right person, at the right time.

We design dedicated landing pages

Everything is going very fast on the internet. Once someone clicks on your ad, they want to quickly see what you’re offering and make sure you’re what they are looking for. We are specialists in the design and creation of dedicated landing pages for each marketing campaign. We condense all the service or product essentials to be able to convince the person. . We also use a leading technology in the creation of landing pages that allows, among other functions, to create A/B tests.

Creating campaigns in Google Adwords

Google Adwords is the Google platform that allows you to place ads on its search engine. We are certified in Google Adwords and we master the technique, because we know the theory and because we have created dozens of campaigns. It is a more technical world than it seems, and it is convenient to put yourself in good hands to ensure that your investment pays off. Every click on an ad costs money and you have to calibrate efforts to appear on Google only when the chances of getting a potential client are high. We know how to do it.

To give you the best service we have been concerned to be highly trained and get the main recognitions of the sector

We are Google partners. Why? Because we are certified in Google Adwords and because we manage a considerable volume of advertising investment.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get information from your website and make good decisions. We are certified in Google Analytics.

Get in the hands of professional experts on Internet advertising so that the investment in advertising that you make is worthy and you achieve the objectives you try to achieve for your business.

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