What I learned in my first 100 days at Magnetica Advertising

What I learned in my first 100 days in Magnetica Advertising Dec 28, 2018 - Marcel Odena

I wanted to take the opportunity of my first publication, and taking into account the dates on which we are, to emphasize everything learned in 2018 with Magnetica Advertising, about the wide universe that is the digital marketing and that involves disciplines as fascinating as the PPC (pay per click) and B2B lead generation.

The purpose of this article is to show you everything I have learnt with Magnetica, how I arrived, in a somewhat curious way, to run into the digital marketing agency I am currently working, and how, after several months, I can say that I have done an intensive course, both at a work and personal level.

While doing the Master in Communication and Digital Marketing at the UAB I had it clear, I wanted to specialize in one of the disciplines taught during the course. After several months seeing a wide range of possibilities, I felt that PPC marketing was the marketing that could offer me what I so longed for, technical knowledge, but without forgetting the creative and strategic part that characterizes the digital marketing.

My search was curious, and this is where I tell you how I found Magnetica Advertising. Tired of waiting for ads to appear that matched my needs (quite specifics) on Linkedin or Infojobs, I took the reins and started to search in Google digital marketing agencies that had published ads on their own web pages that match what I was looking for.

To do a sweep, I did not just look for an internship in ppc, but instead, in the section of the google search tools, I filtered by publication date of the page or article. I was not interested in the offers published several months ago where the selection processes were already closed. For my surprise I found the following page: Intern as a PPC campaign manager, where Marcel Odena, director of Magnetica, would carefully describe all the responsibilities I would get in the workplace, which all seemed very interesting. And above all I was left with the first benefit, to learn, learn and learn a lot. (Also in which on Fridays there would be free breakfast, I will not deny it! 😉 )

After several months I can assure you that the learning has been fulfilled and has been and is a very enriching experience. I could write several articles with everything I learned, but I would like to enumerate and synthesize in 5 points the most important thing:

1) PPC is not just Google Adwords (Ads)

It seems obvious, but Google being the most used search engine also tends to monopolize our attention. We should not take away any merit, many of the leads that we will achieve with our marketing strategy will be thanks to Google Ads, but I have been able to discover other platforms for creating paid campaigns such as Linkedin, Adroll or Bing Ads, which are also very effective in their field.

2) Strategy

Not only is it enough to create campaigns, there must also be behind a whole strategy of objectives and optimization that must be followed and carried out so that the leads can follow their path through the sales funnel. An example would be in the Google Ads platform, not only do you have to perform search campaigns to appear in Google searches, you also have to carry out remarketing campaigns to get the lead that is at first TOFU (top of the funnel) be BOFU (bottom of the funnel).

3) Landing pages

I have been able to experience first-hand how, even if you have the most efficient ads, if you do not take them to a landing page aligned with the ad and focused on converting, you will not get anything or your chances of getting a deal will be greatly reduced. I have learned how to create landing pages with Unbounce , a very intuitive and easy-to-use tool.

4) Marketing and sales

The line between marketing and sales is very thin. I have been able to learn how good coordination between departments is very important, without forgetting the responsibilities of each one. In the following article you can learn more about the limit between marketing and sales . Above all we must highlight the Hubspot tool, which was unknown for me, to measure the origin of leads and be able to track their activity.

5) Effort and perseverance

In digital marketing and above all if you have a blog you need effort and perseverance, which sometimes is not translated into short-term results. It is important not to falter and continue, because the results are coming and little by little they are transformed into opportunities. With SEO techniques, as basic as indexing the URL in webmaster tools or doing linkbuilding, we can see how each time you create more authority.

I hope you liked to know a little more about me and the program of Magnetica. I could have explained each platform in detail, but for this you have the following articles Google Ads, Linkedin or Adroll that explain in a detailed way what they can offer you.

Finally, anyone who has entered the article out of curiosity about the PPC world, say it is a changing discipline and full of challenges, but to meet the objectives set with your client at the end of the day, is one of the best possible work-level satisfactions.

I wish you all happy holidays, a prosperous new year and that all your goals, both personally and professionally, will be fulfilled!

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