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We will generate high quality leads for your business and at the same time we will strengthen your brand.



We know how to generate high quality leads, and we know how to work the marketing and sales funnel in a way that converts these leads into business opportunities.

We have been doing this for other clients for several years. We do it in a very professional way.


There are 2 phases to the LinkedIn Advertising Management Service:

  1. Initial Setup Stage: an initial meeting is held to understand your objectives, target audience, value proposition and other aspects. Based on this, we proceed to create LinkedIn campaigns with the appropriate strategy..
  2. Maintenance Phase: Once the campaigns are active, we are responsible for monitoring performance and ensuring that the desired results are achieved, typically a volume of leads per month at a cost per lead target.


The standard maintenance of LinkedIn campaigns includes the following:

  1. Monitor key campaign performance metrics on a regular basis.
  2. Optimize your campaigns to get the performance you expect.
  3. Manage campaign budgets and adjust campaign bids to stay within your monthly budget.
  4. Analyze the quality of acquired leads and adjust campaign targeting and messaging as needed.
  5. Monthly campaign performance summary report.
  6. Monthly follow-up meetings to review campaign performance and plan for potential campaign improvements.


Marcel Odena, an expert in LinkedIn advertising, will create and manage your LinkedIn campaigns. You will be working with a real LinkedIn advertising professional.


The cost, or investment depending on how you look at it, of advertising on LinkedIn has two parts: the part of the advertising investment that is made on LinkedIn and the part of Magnetica’s management fees.

Investment in LinkedIn Advertising: a minimum investment of $1,500 per month is recommended. To give you an idea, if the average cost per lead is $30, this would mean getting 50 leads per month.

Magnetica’s fees: costs are as follows:

  1. Campaign Setup Cost: is an initial cost to create the campaigns and set up the advertising account on LinkedIn. The price depends on the amount of work involved.
  2. Campaign Maintenance Cost: this is a monthly cost for managing and monitoring the campaigns to achieve the desired results. The price depends mainly on the advertising investment.

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Some of the companies we have worked with

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What our customers say:

Marcel is a great professional with a great knowledge of both strategies and tools for lead generation. In my specific case, I worked with Marcel for more than a year, designing and executing lead acquisition strategies via Linkedin for Signaturit (a B2B SaaS company), and I would dare to say that he is one of the people who knows the most about Linkedin Ads in Spain. Marcel demonstrated his knowledge, organization and work capacity, helping us to design and execute a series of campaigns that covered all phases of the funnel, for different buyer personas, as well as implementing a structure and nomenclature of campaigns that we still use today on other platforms. I would definitely recommend Marcel to any company wanting to start or accelerate their lead acquisition via Linkedin, a true digital marketing expert!

Mar Romero
Mar Romero

Interim Head of Marketing at Signaturit

Get the results you need with professional LinkedIn campaign management