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We are a digital marketing agency specialized in online advertising. We get more customers for your company through internet advertising. We are experts in LinkedIn Advertising, Google Ads, Facebook Ads and other Pay Per Click (PPC) platforms to get leads for your company.  We are a Google Partner agency and we’ve been selected as a LinkedIn Agency Champion.

These are the main services we offer

Ads on Google

It appears when someone looks for what you offer

Advertising is more effective if it appears when you are receptive. Google has that potential, people come to him to write what they are looking for. It’s a great opportunity to show an ad to that potential buyer. We can make your company appear in the top positions of Google when someone is looking for any of the services or products offered by your company. And we condensed the essence of what you offer on dedicated landing pages for each campaign, maximizing the likelihood of convincing that person that your company is exactly what they are looking for. Know more >

Advertising on web pages

It appears when your audience is surfing the internet

Sometimes you have to advertise beyond the Google search engine. One of these reasons may be because your potential client does not go to Google to find what you offer, but you have to be the one to take the initiative and show him how he could benefit from using your services or products. Through this type of advertising we create banners and show them to people who form your target audience while they are surfing the internet. Stop for a minute and think, I’m sure you know what kind of websites and blogs consume your customers, that’s where your potential customers are, that’s where we’re going to show the publicity. Know more >

Advertising on social networks

To be present in the word-of-mouth of Internet.

Your company may be providing services to many other companies, you can sell many products, but if all this activity is not reflected on social networks sites, it is no longer present for thousands of people. We are able to reach thousands of people who move on social networks to communicate the right message for your company, either to get more notoriety or to advertise services or products. Know more >

“Good advertising sells the product today, and builds the brand for tomorrow”

LLUÍS BASSAT “The Red Book of Advertising”

LinkedIn Advertising Management

LinkedIn Ads Experts. Lead Generation and B2B Marketing

We listen carefully to you, we understand your objectives and we define the best LinkedIn campaign strategy to achieve them. We create all the campaigns and manage them.

Companies that trust us

  • “The digital world is, without a doubt, the present, Marcel Odena at Magnetica is always predisposed and shows the maximum interest in making profitable our investment in the communication that we do by this means, without a doubt, it is totally recommendable.”

    Carlos Gabarró

    To give you the best service we have been concerned to be highly trained and get the main recognitions in the sector.

    We are Google partners. Why? Because we are certified in Google Adwords and because we manage a considerable volume of advertising investment.

    Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get information from your website and make good decisions. We are certified in Google Analytics.

    Get new customers with online advertising, we know how to do it

    We would love to talk with you, to know each other, so you can explain to us the challenges that your company has and what you would like to achieve. We are sure that we can help you achieve them.

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