Introducing Anna Herrera: PPC Campaign Manager at Magnetica Advertising

Introducing Anna Herrera: PPC Campaign Manager at Magnetica Advertising Oct 12, 2018 - Marcel Odena

This week I have the pleasure to introduce you to the new addition to the Magnetica team, Anna Herrera. Anna has been doing the PPC campaign manager program since early September this year . The road is long and full of fields to learn, PPC platforms to master. It is a lot of knowledge that with the help of the training plan that we offer combined with the practices that are being carried out, we are sure that it will forge Anna as a very good PPC campaign manager.

Anna holds a degree in Tourism (UdG) and has completed her master’s degree in communication and digital marketing at the UAB. As she tells me, after working in the eCommerce field, she felt “the PPC call“. And there our roads crossed.

How Anna’s incorporation contributes to the mission of Magnetica Advertising

The mission of Magnetica Advertising is to make good advertising focused especially on the B2B world , i.e. advertising companies to attract other companies as clients. B2B marketing is exciting and the possibilities offered by Pay Per Click advertising to reach the desired audience with the desired message are many. And in this context is where the incorporation of Anna is framed, her role is to manage PPC campaigns from various platforms, such as Google Ads, Bing Ads, Linkedin Ads, etc. And this implies both taking care of the creation of campaigns based on a briefing and being responsible for reviewing and optimizing the campaigns to achieve our clients’ objectives: to generate more business.

Getting to know Anna better

Well, from here we have asked some personal questions to Anna in order to know her better, and here you have your answers, thanks Anna for sharing!

Favorite TV show:

Gilmore girls” is a series that I am never tired of watching. But I also like tv shows like Sense8, Vikings or Grey’s Anatomy (although it has been running for many seasons). In general, I do not have a preferred genre.

Sports you practice

  • For the last year I’ve been practicing boxing , before I practiced it in a specialized gym, but I preferred to sign up in a gym where I had the option of boxing and if I got tired or did not feel like doing it one day I could do another activity like Bodypump or Bodycombat.
  • Since I was little I have been playing Basketball , and I still practice it on my own and with friends from time to time.
  • I like to go to the mountain with my friends and/or family and go on day excursions, although I’m not professional, I like to surround myself with nature.

Your favorite food

  • I am vegetarian , so my options are reduced, but I would surely say a well made spanish potato omelette. Everything related to chocolate is welcome as well.

Trips on your waiting list

  • I have to visit many countries still, I have many friends abroad right now and in the digital marketing master I have met people from all over the world. You never have to stop traveling! I’d love to go to Budapest as the closest and shortest trip.

And that’s all, for now! I hope you liked it and help you know us a little better.


Marcel Odena

Marcel Odena

CEO at Magnetica Advertising | LinkedIn Ads Expert

Since 2013 I've been working in the Pay Per Click Advertising Industry. I manage Google and LinkedIn Ads accounts for several B2B companies. I work to deliver results to my clients as well to contribute to do better B2B marketing. I like to learn and share my knowledge at the same time.