3 Retargeting Campaign Ideas to Generate More Sales

Nov 25, 2018 - Marcel Odena

Remarketing campaigns are an essential tool to contribute through pay per click advertising (PPC) to direct users along the path from discovering your company (awareness phase) until they decide to buy your product or service (purchase phase). This is called the “customer journey”, the journey that the user makes until becoming a customer.

Through remarketing lists we can make groups of users (cookies) that have had a certain behavior on our website to later show them ads with a message and call to action according to the phase they are in the sales funnel.

It would be ideal to have a classification of the users of our website based on the status of each user in relation to the 4 phases of the sales funnel. Doing this in a precise and complete way can be complicated since there are multiple signals that can indicate the user’s status (pages visited, visit time of a page, % of video visualisation, download of contents, etc.) and at the same time there are limitations when making “thin” remarketing lists in each PPC advertising platform.

Hereunder I explain 7 ideas of remarketing campaigns to generate more sales for your business, in other words, campaigns that help to progress the captured leads to the 4 phases of the sales funnel.

1) Remarketing to users in the awareness phase

How to identify them?

There are several signs, some that we can use are:

  • They are new users and have visited only the main page of the web (the “home”).
  • Or they have seen only one “landing page” resulting from a click on a campaign.

What goal do we pursue?

  • Let the user know our product / service.

If we want to generate more sales from marketing, it is crucial that we devote efforts to explain to the user what we sell. It’s very obvious, right? But although it seems obvious sometimes we forget this aspect.

Nobody buys what he does not understand. Surely you’ve heard this phrase at some moment. I firmly believe in it. And therefore, we must explain to the user in an understandable way what our product/service does, what problem it solves, what strengths it has.

What kind of ads do we show?

  • Ads based on the product/service.

The ads that we will show the user have to talk about our product or service. We can approach the subject from the point of pain points, we can be more assertive and directly raise the value proposition, etc.

And also keep in mind that we can take advantage of all the richness of ad formats of each platform  to explain all this: banner ads, video ads, carousel, etc.

2) Remarketing to users in the interest phase

How to identify them?

There are several signs that can indicate that the user has shown interest in our product/service, some that we can use are:

  • The user has visited some of the pages of the product/service (either on the website itself, on a landing page, etc.).
  • If in addition the user has spent several minutes on the page much better. Or if you have seen a descriptive video about the product, much better.
  • The user has downloaded a guide that we have about the product.

What goal do we pursue?

  • Strengthen the knowledge that the user has about our product/service.

It may not be enough if a user has only seen one of the pages of the product. Maybe he has only spent 20 seconds on the page. Maybe you have not had time to realize all the functionalities/benefits that the product/service has. The objective in this phase is to reinforce the knowledge that the user has of the product/service.

What kind of ads do we show?

  • More specific ads about the product/service: through remarketing campaigns ads we can show several functionalities that the product has, “killer functions”, ways of using the product, relevant statistics about each function. Also show what benefits you have thanks to each of these functions. The landing pages also have to match the message of the ad.
  • Ads about successful cases of customers who are using the service/product: what better way to show the virtues of our product/service than showing how others are already using it, right? Ads can be based on case studies and landing pages can show in detail these case studies. It goes without saying that the more complete the case study, the better. If there is a video with a testimony much better and also a downloadable PDF with the summary of the case study.

3) Remarketing to users in the consideration phase

How to identify them?

There are several signs that can indicate that the user is considering adopting our product or service. Any signal derived from the activity in the previous phase is giving us an indicator that the user is entering this phase. In particular:

  • The user has seen a video of one of the success studies. If he has seen several much better. If we know that he has seen them completely much better than if he has seen them at 25%. Also if the user has downloaded in PDF some of the success stories much better.
  • The user has seen very specific pages about the product/service, page with details of certain functionalities, etc.
  • The user has visited key pages such as the product demo page, or the price page. Or the page “about us”.

What goal do we pursue?

  • Invite them to discover what the product/service is like.

We want to get the user to move from the material he has seen (PDFs, descriptive pages, testimonial videos) to something he can “touch” and see. If we can offer him a live demonstration of our product it would be great. If there is the option of a product test, great too (either in “freemium” mode or a test of all the functionalities for a limited time, typically 30 or 45 days).

What kind of ads do we show?

  • Ads aimed at offering a demo or a product test.

At this point it is important to not only offer the user a demo or test of the product but also to explain very well the value of doing this. It is very typical to ask the user to make a demo without just explaining what it will consist of, what will be shown, how long it will last, etc. The more we explain and value the utility of the demo better.


Offering a new user demo that just lands on the home page of our website does not make much sense, just as it does not make sense to offer a test drive of a vehicle to a user who has not previously shown interest and is not considering seriously buying the vehicle.

Nowadays, marketing enjoys the ability to measure several signals of the digital world in order to get an idea of which phase of the funnel the user is in. We must use this information to make better marketing, to reach the user with the right message at the right time.

Remarketing campaigns are a perfect ally for such a mission:: to show the user the right messages at the right time. In this article we have explained for the first 3 phases of the funnel how to detect if the user is in that phase, what objective we pursue in each phase and what kind of ads and landing pages we should show the user to help him during his journey in the sales funnel.

The implementation of these ideas is sure to contribute to increase the sales of your business.

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