Paid Social Advertising

Reach your audience by appearing on the social networks where they move.

Social networks offer a very good opportunity to connect with your audience. In addition to the usual activity that your business may be doing in the main social networks, you can promote certain content by paying. Most social networks allow the establishment of segmentation criteria to reach those users of the entire social network that have more affinity to the products or services that they want to advertise. Keep in mind that it is not a question of whether you usually use a social network or not, but whether your potential client uses these social networks. You already know that it is the seller who adapts to the buyer.

Advertising on Linkedin

Linkedin is the social network of professional contacts par excellence. We can create ads on Linkedin by showing them to people with a certain professional profile. Depending on the professional sector, the adoption of Linkedin is greater or lesser, but it is undoubtedly an excellent place to advertise.

Advertising on Twitter

Twitter is a powerful tool to reach people who have specific interests. If you use Twitter you will know that one tends to follow people who tweet messages related to what interests them. Imagine that we could show publicity to these people who are interested in a subject very related to what you offer. Without a doubt, it is an opportunity for your company.

Advertising on Facebook

We can put advertising on Facebook to reach a large number of people. We can segment it to show the ads to a certain profile of person. It is ideal to reach a local audience, people who are close to your area of activity. What you see in the “Suggested post” image are ads that infiltrate Facebook among the posts you receive from your friends.

Advertising on Instagram and Pinterest

The world of images have made a good place in the daily life of many people. Apps like Instagram or Pinterest allow you to view photos according to the preferences of people you follow, according to a theme, according to a keyword. Imagine a person sensitive to decoration issues, it is likely that Instagram or Pinterest see photos related to the world of decoration. Imagine that your company markets related products. Would not it be an excellent opportunity to show you an ad?

Social networks have become an extension of the “word-of-mouth” of a lifetime. Thousands of people move on social networks and reaching them is within your reach.

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