Google Display Advertising

We look for your target audience and show them an advertising poster while they browse the web.

How annoying are those digital posters, also known as banners, that appear in some web pages and don’t stop blinking to attract your attention. You know what we’re talking about, right? We like good publicity, that advertising that is shown to the right person at the right time. Advertising ceases to be annoying when it becomes useful, and to be useful it has to offer something that can benefit that person. This doesn’t happen by chance. We know how to make this happen and generate potential customers for your company.

Reach a large audience

We all know that an ad on television has a big impact. An ad on the radio too. An advertising poster on the street in a central location too. What they all have in common is that they can reach a large number of people. Advertising on web pages also has this potential. Every day there are millions of people surfing the internet. In many of the pages you browse you can place advertising, digital banners. And this is what we do, we search where your target audience surf and we show them advertising of your services/products.

Influence an already known public

Once a person has visited your web page and has shown considerable interest, you can show banners to that specific person with a message that is very focused on the interest they have shown during browsing on your website. This technique is called remarketing or retargeting and works very well if done with an intelligent strategy. To carry out this type of campaigns, the user has to consent to the use of cookies when browsing your website.

Get clients at a reasonable cost

You have to see this type of advertising as a channel for attracting potential customers. In the same way that at some point you have ordered the distribution of paper advertising on your area of action, you have placed an advertisement in the press, or other initiatives, this type of advertising has a cost and has some results. The cost of acquiring a client depends a lot on the sector to which you dedicate yourself, but in general we can say that the cost of attracting customers through advertising on web pages is very reasonable. The world evolves towards Internet. Advertising too.

Automate your customer sales process

For advertising on web pages to be effective you have to do a professional job to segment, to show banners only to those people who form your target audience. It is a laborious work that can take a few months until the desired audience is reached. The good thing is that once it is found, it is usually like a tap that potential customers come up with on a regular basis. If your company needs to grow in a sustained manner over time you should consider this type of advertising.

Increase the notoriety of your brand

Is your brand known in the sector? When you go to a fair and you say the name of your company, do they know it? To what extent does your audience remember the name of your brand and associate it with your brand image? In certain sectors the decision process when hiring a service or buying a product is very influenced by the positioning of the brand. Advertising on web pages allows you to create strategies to reinforce the notoriety of your brand. In the same way Coca Cola does with the posters you put on the street, on TV, in bottles, etc., you can do it for your company on the Internet at your scale.

To give you the best service we have been concerned to be highly trained and get the main recognitions of the sector

We are Google partners. Why? Because we are certified in Google Adwords and because we manage a considerable volume of advertising investment.

Google Analytics is a powerful tool to get information from your website and make good decisions. We are certified in Google Analytics.

Get in the hands of professional experts on Internet advertising so that the investment in advertising that you make is worthy and you achieve the objectives you try to achieve for your business.

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