The ultimate essence of things, the name

The ultimate essence of things, the name Jan 20, 2019 - Marcel Odena

In this increasingly saturated world of information the hardest thing is often to get the attention of our target audience . It happens in the field of digital marketing and happens in life itself. Has not happened to you to enter Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc., start looking for a movie and spend more than half an hour searching and in the end you couldn’t decide? The overabundance of options can generate blockage when deciding. And the next day, how many movies do you remember? What movie titles has your brain memorized? very few probably, if none, total reset.

The companies that offer services / products for other companies (B2B) do not escape this phenomenon. Thousands of companies want their space in the market and at this point many have already realized that without a digital presence they will not survive in the future. So on the internet there is an abundance of companies, each with its website, each trying to explain what it does, its value proposition. Many times we land on the websites of companies that we have never seen, we look to see what they do. 5 seconds, 10, 15, 30 seconds scrolling, there are times that you scanned the home page and you still have no idea of what they do . Oh god, how can it be, who has made the texts of the web!

The other day I had a very interesting conversation with some colleagues, about usability, design and web project approach. I liked the idea of “going to the point”, to explain what your software does without frills, without detours, without market adjectives . Why? because the time that users spend on a website is very small and we must take advantage of little time to clearly explain what we do and what value it brings.

I already know that these are fashions. The first companies that invent phrases like “… to the next level”, “… the all in one solution”, “… best in class …” sounds very good, probably because who invented the expression thought that it did honor to his case. But then the inertia of humans begins, copying, copying the best, and everyone starts with these phrases until in the end they get rid of these expressions, in part due to the misuse of many companies. So it’s like a burnt territory, it does not say anything anymore, you have to explore other ways to communicate . What if we try to say things as they are, just like that?

And that’s where that giant swirl of information ends up converging, imagine a giant whirlpool, spinning and spinning with fury, what’s in your center calm? What is in the eye of the whirlpool? The simplicity .

Simplicity is so simple that it goes unnoticed many times. Giving a good morning to someone with affection is a simple gesture, very human, that can change the morning to who receives it (and gives it). Make a table with the leads that come in, those that are qualified, those that accept sales, the opportunities that it generates, the sales that close, saying that is so simple that sometimes it is hard to believe that many companies do not do it. Calculate the pass rates from one stadium to the other in order to make predictions. So simple, no? And yet, the simple costs us so much sometimes. We get so entangled with the twists of the whirlpool, we scatter so much … that we forget the eye of the whirlpool, the essence sometimes.

One thing that has always impressed me a lot is the names. Has not happened to meet someone and think, his name lives up to how it is? Would this person be the same if he had another name? And what about the names of the companies? Why do we baptize them as we baptize them? What is behind each company name? Is it a simple name at random, or is it the concentration of an entire philosophy, a vision concentrated on a single name? There is a bit of everything. I like the names of companies that concentrate all their essence in their name, that when you say the name your mind, or that it is unconsciously, it captures the essence of that company.

Magnetica Advertising, for example, where does it come from? What is its essence?
Magnetic advertising, which attracts, which has a magic and makes it attract attention, as the beauty of a magnetic girl would attract attention. That captures the attention has much to do in making the matching between what you offer and what the receiver is interested, and that is the challenge, is what motivates us to make better publicity every day, offer the recipient things that may interest him . All this is just to illustrate what I say, when someone mentions “Magnetica” what do you think? Do you associate the name with the idea of what you do? If you get it (I do not know if we’ll have succeeded) you already have a lot of livestock.

Red Points: each red point a falsification, a point to monitor with your software to eliminate the sale of those fake products on the internet.

ForceManager: Management of the Sales Force.

Captio: Capture expense tickets

They are the names of some of our clients, and I like them because they quickly convey the essence of what they do. It makes it easy for you to memorize the name in your mind, by association of name – concept. This is very important, because companies have to have personality and the first thing is to have a name that does them honor and on the other hand we are interested as marketers to position ourselves in the “short list” of the user. Ah! what a nice concept the “short list” (I discovered it with Lluis Bassat’s book: “El libro rojo de la publicidad”).

Brands of toothpaste: Colgate, Oral-B, Licor del Polo. 3 is what easily your mind holds. What is the probability that you buy one of these 3 products the next time you go to the super? High. And those who are not on the short list? From the start they don’t exist in my mind, when I see them in the store I might buy them, but from the start the 3 that I have in my mind are those that are well positioned, those that are in my short list. And we go back to the simplicity of things … do we humans only remember 3 products easily in our mind? And that is why everything is reduced to simplicity, to the human measure? It’s hard to believe sometimes, right?

And in the field of B2B marketing happens three quarters of the same If you are asked 3 names of marketing CRMs what comes to mind? Hubspot, Campaign Manager, Drip. If you are asked 3 names of Sales CRM that comes to mind? Salesforce, ForceManager, PipeDrive. The latter, how nice the name is also, “Pipe Drive”, fill the sales pipeline with opportunities, leads … The name, so important!

And your company, what does it transmit its name? When people land on your company’s website, is it easy for them to know what they are doing? In less than 30 seconds? And is it on the short list of your target audience? Yes, no, only in a few users? And do you do something to get positioned within the short list? Could you do more?

All this is what goes through my head sometimes when I think of the names of companies. A whole company simplified in its name . Hundreds of workers, hours of service rendered, digitized information and posted on the Internet simplified to one thing, its name, its essence.

How do you see it?

Does what I say make sense, does it sound familiar? Leave your comment!

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