Our 3 favourite B2B marketing podcasts that you should listen to

Our 3 favourite B2B marketing podcasts that you should listen to Nov 11, 2018 - Marcel Odena

Podcasts are a great way to consume content on the topics that we like. Nowadays there are podcasts on almost all imaginable themes and podcasts related to marketing could not be less. There are dozens, hundreds, in Spanish, in English, in other languages. Some are focused on PPC, focused on SEO, other are more general about marketing, etc.

Below, I leave you 3 of my favorite marketing podcasts that you should listen to if you’re passionate about marketing.

1) “The Jumpstart Podcast”, by Jeff Sauer

The Jumpstart Podcast by Jeff Sauer

“The Jumpstart Podcast”, by Jeff Sauer, recognized marketer, educator and speaker worldwide, is mainly a series of interviews to several personalities in the world of digital marketing. The underlying motive of these interviews is to see how each character started in the digital marketing world and how they developed their professional career to get where they are. I love them because beyond seeing well-known professionals, it helps you see normal people who one day decided to enter the digital marketing world, some by chance, and see what challenges they have encountered and how they have faced them. It is a source of inspiration for me and a source of resources, since blogs of interest, books, other podcasts, etc. are referenced.

This podcast has 100 chapters, a large part about interviews with prominent marketing figures and others are speeches by Jeff himself addressing several issues. I also love these episodes. Next, I share with you some of the episodes that I liked the most (although there are so many to choose from!):

Interview with Jacob Baadsgaard, founder of the PPC agency Disruptive Advertising

Interview with Geraldine DeRuiter (Rand Fishkin’s wife from Moz) about the need to write:

Interview with Matt Inglot. They deal with entrepreneurship issues. Matt has a podcast that I also love called “the Freelance Transformation Podcast“.

It is a pity that the podcast has ended, chapter No. 100 was the last one. Hopefully Jeff will offer us new podcasts soon!

You can listen to this podcast through:


2) “The Marketing Companion Podcast”, by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

the marketing companion podcast - Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster

“The Marketing Companion” podcast, by Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster is simply spectacular. If one episode is good the next one still more. Each episode is a conversation between Mark Schaefer and Tom Webster, two recognized marketers worldwide. they discuss several topics related to marketing, many of them current affairs, and comment on them in conversation mode . I like them because they both have an opinion based on each topic, they provide arguments, relevant information on each topic, and they have a very pleasant way to talk to listen in a podcast.

The voices are spectacular. Maybe this will sound a little cheesy, but I love their voices. I find Mark’s voice super nice, sweet, I love when he says “I’m not kidding”, with his intonation. And Tom’s loud voice is spectacular, he has a deep voice and at the same time clear.

I like the topics that they deal with because they are very varied: they can talk about the model of streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO, etc., as well as topics on social marketing, such as marketing books that they have read and liked. I like it because not everything is PPC in this world 😉 and it’s good to oxygenate with a little more diverse podcasts. Here are some episodes that I liked:

The marketing agency of the future, with Mitch Joel, president of Mirum, in which they analyze how the marketing agency of the future will be:

Our favorite recent marketing books“, in which they recommend several books about marketing.

As a curiosity, I discovered Mark Schaefer because he participated as a guest in another podcast that I listen to, the one on LinkedIn, I explain it below. I loved that podcast, I think it’s one of my favorite episodes about the B2B marketing world. I liked it so much that I looked for more things from Mark and I discovered his own podcast with Tom and several of his books, one of them “Born to Blog” I have already read it and I recommend it 100% if “you feel the call to write in blogs”.

You can listen to this podcast through:

3) “The Sophisticated Marketer Podcast” by Jason Miller @LinkedIn

the sophisticated marketers podcast Jason Miller Linkedin

LinkedIn has its own podcast on topics related to marketing: “The Sophisticated Marketer’s podcast” by Jason Miller. I discovered this podcast when they already had enough episodes aired. Through the LinkedIn blog I think I heard about some of the new episodes, I heard one and it caught me. Jason Miller, Content Manager at LinkedIn, introduces him and I have to say that I’m in love with his podcasts: the topics he deals with, the guests he interviews, how he addresses each topic, how he talks to the guests, it’s a wonder. And again, his voice, what a wonderful voice! Having a good voice in a podcast is not essential, but oh my god, if you have it, how does the podcast improve! I have to confess that I’m a fan of Jason Miller, I’ve seen him live in a presentation about strategies to create content at Linkedin’s London headquarters and it was wonderful. A great professional with an informal air unusual in the B2B world.

One of my favorite episodes of this podcast is that Jason Miller has a conversation with Mark Shaefer, you can listen to the whole episode in “Authenticity, Content Shock 2.0, and Hard Truths for Digital Marketers“.

For me it’s a “must listen” episode if you are passionate about B2B marketing . There are many insights within this podcast, such as the fact that the B2B sales process is increasingly delayed when the prospect (user) speaks with a commercial, since each time users are informed and documented on the internet about the solution they are looking for. This moment of the conversation was apotheosis:

“Your job as a marketer is to get short listed to the buyer and then the sales reps are not going even to be in the conversation unless they are sharing relevant content…”

“And the research shows that the actual call to a sales rep is getting later and later in the process.”

“They don’t wanna talk to anybody … I’m not kidding…they want to get as much information, I mean, usually by the time you get its call decisions are allready made.”

Here you can listen to this fragment of only 50 seconds:


You can listen to this podcast through:

Can you help me discover new podcasts?

Well, I hope you enjoy as much as I do listening to these podcasts.

If I’ve gotten you feeling a bit in debt to me for these podcast gems, you can pay me with a recommendation of your favorite marketing podcasts. It will be the best gift!

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